We live our life totally dependent upon Christ. Apart from Him we can do nothing; through Him we can do all things. Fusion sees the importance of depending upon God for direction and guidance. Prayer consists of seeking the will of God through speaking and listening!


We live our life, ready to make a difference in the lives of others. We live our lives with open hands and hearts, willing to give generously of our time, talents, and riches in order to see Christ work in people's lives. Fusion is a church that understands that we are never more like Jesus than when we are giving. So, we give of our time by pouring into special needs of our community, state and world. We give financially to ministries and organizations that are expanding the Kingdom of God. We live our life generously by giving of our talents to spread and share the love of Christ!


We live our life determined to expand the Kingdom of God across the street and around the world. Fusion has a deep desire to pour into the Kingdom of God in Madison and around the World through giving, praying, and going.


We see crucial importance of an Authentic Relationship with Jesus and with others. We value cultivating an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ through the study of His word and through multiple discipleship avenues. We also understand that God has created us for relationships and we value small groups and authentic friendships that revolve around our relationship with Christ.  


We live our life with a strong conviction to enrich the family life of the FUSION CHURCH people. Whether you are single, widowed, divorced or married, everyone needs family. We strive to be a close knit family. Also, God gave the primary role of Christian education to the family and we place a huge value on worshipping as a family and equipping families to disciple their children to love and serve Jesus Christ.